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Sebalog N-3 network

Correlating noise logger network

Special features
  • Correlation function
  • Daily data transmission
  • No time-consuming patrol of individual loggers
  • Remote configuration
  • Most simple installation process
  • Cost-effective data transmission

Prelocation,Zone measurement,Poseyedon compatible


The Sebalog N-3 network provides you with the latest measured data on a day-to-day basis. Automatic data transmission saves you the time consuming task of driving past each logger. If the loggers detect a leak, you can query the automatically recorded noise data from the affected measuring points. The noise data is automatically transferred and is available to you on the same day, depending on the configuration.

But that's not all: you can correlate the noise data from several loggers to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Automatic daily synchronisation of the entire logger network ensures that the correlations are highly accurate.

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