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Leak Spy

Digital AMR/AMI - Noise Logger

  • Leak listening device for reliable and safe leak detection
  • Provides level and frequency to AMR/AMI transmitter
  • Simple operation
  • Uses 3 wire industry standard protocol MIU
  • Protection class IP 68



The Leak Spy is a top of the line noise logger designed for acoustic zone monitoring, which provides a 6 digit standard protocol to an attached AMR/AMI transmitter for water leak detection.

It can perform level and frequency analysis and noise level is measured from 0 to 60dB as well as frequency between 1 and 2500Hz. While being programmed, the Leak Spy uses local computer date and time and is equipped with a smart “ON” - “OFF” switch for ease of use. The device is suitable for use on all types of pipe material, including plastic pipes.

The compact noise logger is designed for continuous use and can be installed permanently or temporarily for pipe network analysis.


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